Dec 26

A kick in the nuts.

Do me a favor, and click play on the video above. Just humor me. It’s not an obnoxious song. You don’t have to watch the video. The song’s message will hit you with or without visuals.

As the father of a Marine Recruit, counting down the days until he leaves, this song has really punched me in the nuts over the past couple of days. I am DAMN proud of my son. He made a choice that many wouldn’t. I don’t think he is a hero for doing it. I don’t think that he is anything but what he is. A young man, who has decided what he wants to do with his life.

But god, if I’m not ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PETRIFIED that the verses, and final chorus are what lie ahead.

You will never be just medals and scars to me son. No matter what.