Nov 18

Adrian Peterson thinks his punishment was too harsh.

WARNING: This post will be laced with profanity. This post may contain grammatical errors. 

So, Adrian Peterson, Running Back for Minnesota Vikings was suspended today for the rest of the season. For those of you who don’t sport, He is one of the most dynamic players in the NFL. He’s “sort of a big deal”.

Why was he suspended? Because he beat his 4 year old son with a switch, leaving cuts, bruising, and swelling over his legs, buttocks, gentials, and lower back.

Wait… What? Yes. You read that right. You beat a 4 year old child with a switch, so hard, and so often, that he covered the majority of the lower half of the child’s body in cuts and bruises, INCLUDING HIS GENITALS.

The Child’s mother took the child to the doctor, who did the right thing, and reported it. Children Services got involved, and ended up filing felony abuse charges in court.  And this whole fucking time, Adrian Peterson, is saying (I’m paraphrasing here) “Yeah, I beat my kid, but I got beat that way too! That’s the way we do it in TEXAS!” That’s right. No Remorse. No, I’m sorry. No anything. Yep, I did it, but it wasn’t a big deal.

As soon as the court proceedings were over, AP (as he goes by) decided to apply for IMMEDIATE REINSTATEMENT to play football again. Mind you, at this point, we’ve still not heard him say sorry, or that he might have overstepped the line. Nope. And the whole time, there are reports coming out from those close to him that he just doesn’t get how serious this is.

Congratufuckinglations Adrian Peterson. You are a shitbag. You beat a 4 year old kid, and the minute your court case is over, you decide to apply for reinstatement.

Well, the NFL doesn’t have a good guideline on how to handle this type of thing, so they’re sort of winging it. I mean… What else do you do? You’ve taken a beating on how you’ve handled domestic violence in the past, so you stiffen up the rules, and you are trying to figure out how to handle it as you go along. Yeah, it’s going to look like you’re flying by the seat of your pants. That’s normally what you’re doing when you are faced with a situation that you haven’t seen before.

So, in the midst of a growing crisis of player’s who look like abusive monsters, the NFL says “NO. You’re done for the season. We have a plan in place to get you back on the field, but it wont be this year, and you have to adhere to it 100%, or you can sit longer”

And what does AP do? The only thing he can do. He appeals. Because this punishment is too harsh. That’s cute. You think that you’re punishment for beating a fucking child is too fucking harsh. I wonder how your child feels about the punishment you gave him. I wonder if he thinks that what he did warranted the kind of cuts and bruises that you inflicted on him.

You beat a 4 year old kid. A defenseless fucking four year old kid. Someone who depended on you to keep them safe. Who depended on you to protect them. You bruised his body, you cut his body. And you think, that you are being punished to harshly. Is that irony?

No. It’s idiocy.

And to compound the idiocy? The NFLPA (that would be the player’s union) is BACKING HIS APPEAL. The head of the union is saying playing the “well, the NFL is making it up as they go along!” card, and trying to make this about the process, and deflect away from the real problem.

Adrian Peterson beats kids. This isn’t the first time he’s beat a kid. There were reports of text messages and pictures between the mother of one of his other children, and himself, where he beat another young kid, while they were strapped in a car seat, and he basically said: “Well, if he wouldn’t have moved so much, he wouldn’t have got hurt!”

I don’t even know what to say at this point. This guy has a problem. A real, and very serious problem.  It’s the type of problem that is systemic in our culture. Child Abuse. I’m sure if we go back through AP’s past, we will see that when he referenced his own upbringing, we will find a history of abuse. I guess the only thing I can say, is that he needs to take the plan that the NFL has put in front of him, and do it. Do the counseling. Do the therapy. Be compliant. Learn from this. Become a better man.

But I don’t think that is going to happen. He’s going to piss and moan, whine, and complain and try and make himself into the victim. He’s being bullied by the NFL after all, can’t you see it?

I don’t see it, but after cruising twitter this morning, there are LEGIONS of football fans who see it. And it makes me sad. They point to the NFL’s past discipline, and say “but so and so wasn’t suspended!”, instead of looking to the future, and trying to make the world a better place.

It’s a big problem in our culture right now. We deify people who can sport well, and try to be apologetic when they fuck up. If we want to make our society better, we need to take a look at the reactions to the Ray Rice Incident earlier this year, and the reaction unfolding right now to the Adrian Peterson incident, and realize that by supporting abusers, we are enabling the problem. By wearing Ray Rice Jerseys to a game “to support him” after he was suspended for viciously attacking his wife in a casino elevator, and getting upset because Adrian Peterson violated a personal conduct policy, and BEAT A FUCKING CHILD, we are actually enabling domestic violence and child abuse in our culture.

At what point, do we stand up, and say enough is enough. At what point do we tell someone that they are going to be held responsible for their actions? People say “But, he was sentenced in court! The NFL shouldn’t be able to do this to him!”

Well, when you are a public representation of a multi billion dollar company, and you damage their reputation through actions in your personal life, you play by different rules. And I’m really not sure how different those rules are. Plenty of companies have personal conduct policies. He violated theirs. And now, he’s going to be punished for it.