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Dec 26

A kick in the nuts.

Do me a favor, and click play on the video above. Just humor me. It’s not an obnoxious song. You don’t have to watch the video.┬áThe song’s message will hit you with or without visuals. As the father of a Marine Recruit, counting down the days until he leaves, this song has really punched me …

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Dec 24

Have a Joyous Chrismahanakwanzivus.

Here we are, ┬áChristmas Eve, and I’m enjoying an adult beverage in my living room. And I do mean MY living room. This year, my wife and I bought a home. I’m tapping out the drafts and revisions of this article with a dog glued to my leg, just taking in the sights and sounds. …

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Dec 09

Dear Biological Mother of my Son

Dear biological mother of my son At our age, 10 months doesn’t seem like a long time. It probably doesn’t seem like a long time to an almost 18 year old either. But here we sit, with you just starting to serve a 10 month sentence for yet another drug offense. From what I can …

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Nov 30

Love and Evolution

People die. When they die unexpectedly, those who were close to them are left shocked, dismayed, upset, and missing a piece of their heart. That is where my family finds themselves as we mourn the loss of someone who was close to all of us recently. My wife’s uncle passed away from a massive heart …

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